State delays 2020 salary increases

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry to have to start the New Year off with bad news, but late yesterday we received notification from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, that the state is again delaying implementation of the 2% across the board salary increases that were due to our members on July 1 or Sept 1, 2020 (depending on obligation). At this time, the state has indicated that this delay will extend through the end of March 2021. Once again, the state has indicated that this is a delay in payment, not a cancellation of the 2020 2% increase. This delay of the July 1/Sept 1 2% increase also mirrors an additional delay of the 2% increases that were due to other state employees beginning April 1. 2020.

As we know, the July 1/Sept.1 2% increase is contractually provided for in the 2016-2022 State/UUP Agreement. After GOER notified us of the initial delay in payment in June, UUP filed class-action grievances covering the delayed raises and related delays in minimum salary increases, including minimum salaries for adjuncts, scheduled to take effect in 2020. UUP also filed an Improper Practice with the NYS Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) on behalf of residents working in facilities associated with SUNY’s academic medical centers. Given the repeated delays in implementing our negotiated raises, we are continuing to pursue all appropriate avenues for enforcing our contract and protecting our terms and conditions of employment.

While we did not agree with, or accept the state’s decision, we understand that the decision is driven by the state budget crisis that has developed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. To address this crisis, it remains critical that the federal government provides desperately needed assistance to state and local governments across the country, including New York. However, given the situation in Washington right now, it’s clear that any additional federal help will at minimum await the inauguration. Thus, it is more critical than ever for New York State to pass an “Ultra-Millionaires’ tax” and a “Billionaires’ tax.” Additionally, we will continue to increase our efforts to secure passage of the proposed reinstatement of the Stock Transfer tax. This option could generate over $1 billion in the first month!

Tell NYS legislators to fund the state’s recovery. It is critical that NYS legislators hear from you. Please take a few moments to ensure our voices are heard.

For additional information go to: UUP Campaign for Revenue Raisers (

Please distribute this information as widely as possible widely to your chapter membership.

In Solidarity,