President’s Report – Brendan McGovern

UUP Binghamton Executive Board / General Meeting
Wednesday, March 13, 2024
President’s Report – Brendan McGovern

UUP Binghamton Chapter Special Election for Academic VP & Delegates
I am delighted to announce and extend my warmest congratulations to Tejpreet Chadha from Biological Sciences for securing victory in UUP’s special election for Vice President for Academics. Read More

UUP Binghamton Passes Resolution on Palestine

Click here to read the full resolution.

Resolved: that the Binghamton chapter of United University Professions endorses the call for an immediate and lasting ceasefire;

Resolved: that the Binghamton chapter of United University Professions rejects as infringements of our members’ political rights and workers’ rights any sanctioning, harassment, or censorship resulting from the expression of views, organizing teach-ins or debates, participating in demonstrations, as well as the climate of fear that results in self-censorship, is antithetical to academic freedom, and harms members by closing intellectual opportunities and conversations that are critical to student learning;

Resolved: that the Binghamton chapter of United University Professions demands that the University administration uphold our basic rights as workers and members of this community by publicly committing to free speech, academic freedom, and the right in particular to express and advocate for solidarity with Palestinians, as the group that in this instance and at this moment is facing atrocity and mass death in an illegal act of collective punishment that threatens rapidly to become even deadlier.

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Delta Dental Providers Update

A local dentist recently dropped out as an in-network dental provider with Delta Dental. Please see the message below from Doreen Bango, UUP Director of Member Benefits and Services. Also click here to see a list of 41 In-Network Dental Providers within 10 miles of Binghamton.

UUP is on top of this situation. We are doing our best to ensure we have the most robust Dental Plan UUP can negotiate. We are in discussions with Delta Dental weekly.

Please let me explain how dental reimbursement works. Delta Dental cannot negotiate provider contracts on a case-by-case basis. Once Delta Dental decides to increase the provider’s reimbursement rate it must go through the following process, and this takes time. New York State mandates that the reimbursement rates must be filed with the NYS insurance department by regions and approved for their book of business. Providers in all regions must be reimbursed the same amount for each procedure. Therefore, the entire book of business in the southern tier region must be increased. 

UUP has informed Delta dental of the drop out by providers. Delta Dental is doing its best to increase their network and provide a robust dental plan. 

For the year 2023 UUP’s submitted dental claims were over $69 million. If not for the discounts that Delta negotiates with its providers, UUP’s dental plan would be unsustainable. In other words, it would become too expensive for UUP, and we would need to decrease our benefits within our plan. This scenario applies to all dental carriers including CIGNA, MetLife, and Excellus. Every three years UUP’s dental plan is sent out for bid by our consultants and every three years it comes back as Delta having the most competitive rates and the most robust network. 

I understand and respect your frustration, please be patient as we are working on a resolution to this situation.

Doreen M. Bango, UUP Director of Member Benefits and Services / Fund Administrator

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UUP/NYS Individual Development Awards

The application period for the retroactive 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 UUP/NYS Joint Labor-Management Committee Individual Development Awards (IDA) are open.

This year’s IDA program provides up to $2,000 for UUP-represented employees to engage in two distinct activities that further professional development. Employees can submit a maximum of two applications totaling $2,000 in expenditures. (For example, one application can cost $1,238.00, and the second for $762.00; both applications can total up to $2,000.) Part-time employees are particularly encouraged to apply because 15% of the IDA funds are set aside for these employees. The IDA Program assists eligible employees in developing their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement. The funding supports enhanced teaching, research capabilities, professional knowledge, and skills. Funding is not to purchase equipment or supplies or to support activities unrelated to the applicant’s SUNY profession. (Note: Funding restrictions have changed over the last few years, so review the restrictions closely.) Please see the IDA Program Guidelines for more information. 

There are two separate award amounts that you can apply for. 

April 1, 2023 – July 1, 2023 (Retroactive Period)
Employees are eligible for a retroactive award from April 1, 2023, to July 1, 2023. However, the total amount awarded can be at most $2,000 for the retroactive period. Complete the online application.

The hard deadline for the 2022-2023 applications is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024.

July 2, 2023 – July 1, 2024
Employees may be funded for up to two projects or activities, at most a total of $2,000 from July 2, 2023, through July 1, 2024. The Deadline for the 2023-2024 application is 11:59 p.m. Sunday, April 14, 2024Complete the online application.

The IDA program has changed. Awards reimbursement will follow the process outlined in the Accounts Payable Personal Reimbursement Procedure guidelines

Note: The application requires that you fill out a separate PDF and submit it to the Google form so that the committee can track and review all applications. The fillable PDF form can be found here. 

The campus decisions must then be forwarded to NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committees for secondary review. For questions about the program, contact Aaron Phelps via email or at 607-777-6460.

Resolution in Memory of Benita Roth

Binghamton Chapter Presents Resolution in Memory of Benita Roth at UUP Delegate Assembly, UUP Pledges to Fund Scholarship in Benita’s Name

Resolution in Memory of Benita Roth

WHEREAS, Benita Roth passed from this life on May 27, 2023; and
WHEREAS, Benita served as a statewide academic delegate from Binghamton University from 2009 – 2023; and
WHEREAS, Benita served as UUP Binghamton Chapter President from 2013 – 2017; and
WHEREAS, Benita served as UUP Binghamton Chapter Vice President for Academics from 2017 – 2023; and
WHEREAS, Benita contributed to many UUP statewide committees by serving on Outreach, Negotiations, AAUP, Future of Public Higher Education, Online Education Courses Advisory, Retiree Participation, Link Development, Technology Issues, and Task Force on Emerging Issues of Diversity; and
WHEREAS, Benita spearheaded efforts on both Family Leave and Women’s Rights & Concerns Committees to secure paid family leave and to assure fair and equal treatment of women on local campuses; and
WHEREAS, Benita answered the call to serve her union once again by serving on the 2022-2023 Negotiations Team and helped to lead us to our best contract in decades, with special attention to the most vulnerable; and
WHEREAS, Benita was an inspiration to others as a fervent advocate for marginalized communities, championing the rights of women, LGBTQ individuals, and racial minorities; and
WHEREAS, Benita fearlessly dedicated herself to the pursuit of justice and never hesitated to confront unchecked authority; and
WHEREAS, Benita’s academic brilliance left an indelible mark, with her books on feminism and the AIDS movement serving as cornerstones of her scholarly legacy; and
WHEREAS, Benita’s visionary work in addressing opioid use disorders transformed the lives of many vulnerable individuals; and
WHEREAS, Benita’s remarkable blend of intellect and compassion made her a guiding light for aspiring union leaders and junior faculty members; and
WHEREAS, Benita was a dedicated professor for whom students always came first, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of those she taught and mentored

RESOLVED, that the 2023 Fall Delegate Assembly honor Benita Roth for her service and dedication to UUP; and be it further
RESOLVED, that the 2023 Fall Delegate Assembly express their condolences to Benita’s family; and be it further
RESOLVED, that UUP contribute to a scholarship fund created in her name at Binghamton University supporting students whose educational trajectory and research reflects outstanding work in gender justice and social justice at Binghamton University.

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