Delta Dental Providers Update

A local dentist recently dropped out as an in-network dental provider with Delta Dental. Please see the message below from Doreen Bango, UUP Director of Member Benefits and Services. Also click here to see a list of 41 In-Network Dental Providers within 10 miles of Binghamton.

UUP is on top of this situation. We are doing our best to ensure we have the most robust Dental Plan UUP can negotiate. We are in discussions with Delta Dental weekly.

Please let me explain how dental reimbursement works. Delta Dental cannot negotiate provider contracts on a case-by-case basis. Once Delta Dental decides to increase the provider’s reimbursement rate it must go through the following process, and this takes time. New York State mandates that the reimbursement rates must be filed with the NYS insurance department by regions and approved for their book of business. Providers in all regions must be reimbursed the same amount for each procedure. Therefore, the entire book of business in the southern tier region must be increased. 

UUP has informed Delta dental of the drop out by providers. Delta Dental is doing its best to increase their network and provide a robust dental plan. 

For the year 2023 UUP’s submitted dental claims were over $69 million. If not for the discounts that Delta negotiates with its providers, UUP’s dental plan would be unsustainable. In other words, it would become too expensive for UUP, and we would need to decrease our benefits within our plan. This scenario applies to all dental carriers including CIGNA, MetLife, and Excellus. Every three years UUP’s dental plan is sent out for bid by our consultants and every three years it comes back as Delta having the most competitive rates and the most robust network. 

I understand and respect your frustration, please be patient as we are working on a resolution to this situation.

Doreen M. Bango, UUP Director of Member Benefits and Services / Fund Administrator