Member FAQs

How do I join? How do I know/check if I am a member?

When asked “have you signed your union card?” what we mean is “have you completed the online join/membership form?

To become a member of UUP, please fill out this form on the UUP website:

Physical membership cards are mailed out once a month, so after signing up through the online form, please be on the lookout for a card in the mail to your home address. You do not need to sign the back of your union card when you receive it.

If you’re unsure of whether you are a member or not, please email Chapter Assistant Patricia Downs at or and she can look you up in our membership database.

How do I update/change my address for UUP Benefits?

For Current Members:
Please make sure your address is correct in your payroll information at your SUNY campus.
Once the information is updated in the payroll system at your SUNY campus, it will be transmitted to the UUP Benefit Trust Fund and updated in Delta Dental and Davis Vision.

For Retirees/COBRA
The UUP Benefits office can make address changes for retirees and those who are on COBRA.

How do I sign into the Members Only section of the UUP website?

  1. You need your UUP ID number (7-digit number)
    Found on your UUP Membership card
    Your ID number can also be found on your Delta Dental and Davis Vision cards.

Can’t find your UUP ID number? Please call 518-640-6624 to speak with a representative.

  1. Set up an account to create your password. 

What do I need to know about Retiring?

To be eligible for retirement you must be at least age 55 and have at least 10 years of credited service. 

Be sure to sign up for UUPs retirement workshops.
Check the UUP calendar for dates and registration links:
Workshop – Part 1: Healthcare/Medicare
Workshop- Part 2: Union Benefits (dental & vision)

UUP Pre-Retirement Checklist:

Meet with Campus HR

You may be entitled to use the value of your accumulated unused sick leave to offset all or part of the cost of your New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) premium during retirement whether you are in the Empire plan or a NYSHIP approved HMO. More info here. 

“an employee shall be compensated for such accumulated and unused vacation leave credits not to exceed a maximum of 30 days” (UUP Contract 2016-2022)

“Employees who intend to leave the employ of the University shall give 30 days’ notice to the President or designee. In the event an employee fails to provide the full 30 days’ notice, it shall be within the discretion of the President or designee to withhold from such employee’s final check an amount equal to the employee’s daily rate of pay for each day less than the required 30 days.” (UUP Contract 2016-2022)