About Plattsburgh Contingents

Data from Fall 2022

  • Adjuncts and Lecturers make up 46% of the campus’s academic employees.
  • 32% of our contingent academics have worked for this campus for over 10 years with no
    job security.
  • Since Fall of 2017 (5 years ago) there are 24 fewer Lecturers and 30 fewer Adjuncts on

Data from Fall 2021

185 out of 606 UUP represented employees are Contingents – that is 30% of academics and professionals on this campus.

25% of SUNY Plattsburgh Contingents have worked on campus for more than 10 years.
In fact 7% have been with us for more than 20 years!

Adjuncts and Lecturers by School:

  • 60% in Arts and Sciences
  • 34% in Education Health and Human Services
  • 4% in Business and Economics

Resources for Contingent Members


Part-time/Full-time Contingent Employees: Know Your Contract Rights and Benefits:

About Contingents:

Contingent employment is defined by the UUP Constitution as any appointment for which continuing appointment or permanent appointment is not prescribed. At present, any contingent employee may be non-renewed or terminated without cause.
Contingent status, the lack of eligibility for continuing appointment or permanent appointment, derives from the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies. Contingent Academics are those full-time and part-time employees in “qualified academic rank.” This includes rank “held by those members of the academic staff having titles of lecturer, or titles of academic rank preceded by the designations ‘clinical’ or ‘visiting’ or other similar designations (BOT Policies, Article II, pg. 14).” Contingent Professionals are full-time and part-time employees who serve in professional titles listed in appendix A, B, and C of the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies.
Taken from the UUP Position Statement on Contingent Employment