SUNY Plattsburgh UUP Chapter

*Link to new UUP Resolution of Support and Action*

About UUP

United University Professions, UUP, is the nation’s largest higher education union, representing the faculty and professional staff of the SUNY system since 1973, and the leading advocate for public higher education in New York State. UUP’s representation encompasses the 29 comprehensive, technical, specialized and university centers of SUNY, and these 29 campuses are broken into 32 chapters. UUP is Local 2190 of the statewide union, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and national union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). UUP’s affiliation with NYSUT broadens its legislative outreach and impact. 

UUP is committed to enhancing and protecting the professions it represents, and with the dedication and support of its members UUP does so in many different forums. Whether it is at the bargaining table, in the political corridors in Albany and Washington, or in the arena of public opinion, UUP is a united front, fighting together. The united members across 32 chapters have fought to:

  • successfully thwart plans to downsize SUNY
  • protect tenure
  • preserve the teaching mission of university hospitals
  • convince the state Legislature to fund many new academic and professional positions 
  • save funds for education. 
  • lobby for the best possible SUNY budget every year 
  • Promote legislation addressing the professional needs of those employed at SUNY’s hospitals, technical colleges, libraries, etc.  
  • Protect employment security 
  • Enforce workplace safety 
  • Ensure a sound pension plan 
  • Provide exceptional dental and optical benefits 
  • Negotiate important benefits such as health, prescription drug, and disability coverage 
  • Negotiate grant funds for research, travel, and professional presentations
  • Arrange for special study leaves prior to tenure review 

The main purpose of UUP is to improve the terms and conditions of employment of those it represents. Its mission is to promote mutual assistance and cooperation among the members; to advance education in a democracy and democracy in education; to promote the principle of unity and collective bargaining in higher education; and to defend the civil, professional, and human rights of those it represents. Overall, UUP is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for its members.