UUP Salary Compression Intake Form

Dear UUP members,

I encourage you to use the UUP Intake Form at the link below to provide us with information or voice any questions or concerns you have about the 2020 salary compression adjustments called for in the 2016-22 NYS-UUP Contract. These adjustments constitute the second of four years of compression adjustments required by the contract. This intake form is not to be used in lieu of contacting campus Human Resources with questions you may have about your specific circumstances. We are encouraging members who have such questions to contact HR. However, even if you speak to HR about your specific case, it is also important for UUP to know what members’ questions and concerns are. 

We are asking interested members to complete this form and return it to us by April 1, 2021.

Information collected through this process will be viewed at the chapter and state levels of UUP. We will use it to address concerns that need immediate attention. We also will use this information to inform the next round of discussions with the State over possible refinements or adjustments to the 2021 salary compression analysis. Modifications to the process and methodology adopted in the second round were a direct result of the information members provided after the first round of salary compression adjustments.

I encourage you to communicate with us through this intake form as soon as possible. We will begin analyzing all information as it comes in.

Please contact your UUP chapter office if you need immediate assistance.

UUP Salary Compression Intake Form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/UUP2020Compression

Frederick E. Kowal, PhD
United University Professions