Prospective UUP Members

Why become a UUP member? Being a member affords you additional benefits and privileges, and more importantly, it shows our employers that we stand solidly together on matters like fair compensation, safe and supportive working conditions, and protecting quality public higher education.

Only members of UUP:

  • Can vote on union matters, such as ratifying the Contract
  • May attend members-only workshops on promotion/tenure, performance programs, and evaluations, etc., and events such as Fall Frolic, Beat the Winter Blues.
  • Benefit from representation, support, and assistance from UUP leaders and labor relations experts in disciplinary matters.
  • Can take advantage of dozens of money-saving member-only offers and discounts from UUP and its state/national affiliates, including NYSUT, AFT, NEA, and Union Plus (AFL-CIO).

As a member-funded organization, UUP answers only to its dues-paying members. If you join UUP, your NYS tax-deductible dues would be no more than 1% of your annual salary. For example, if you make $50,000/year, this would just be $19.23 per paycheck. This goes a long way!

Union dues:

  • Support the negotiations team to improve your salary, benefits, and working conditions by getting the best contract for all UUP members. Team members are not paid and maintain full-time jobs on their home campuses. However, all other expenses to bargain a statewide contract fall to UUP – there is no State funding to fund UUP negotiations.
  • Support the UUP Benefit Trust, including staff who provide unparalleled support to UUP members. The Benefit Trust also administers the UUP dental and vision insurance programs; incredible benefits UUP bargains with the State on behalf of all unit employees.
  • Fund our UUP Binghamton Chapter Assistant – Linda O’Branski! When you reach out to UUP Binghamton, our Chapter Assistant will ensure your inquiry is addressed.
  • Fund events and activities only for UUP members (see below)
  • Provide representation for UUP members facing disciplinary investigation/action.
  • Provide legal support for UUP members facing termination.
  • Do NOT support political candidates or campaigns – there is a separate voluntary fund, Vote-Cope, which UUP members can contribute to in support of pro-worker/pro-union candidates and public policy.

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