Negotiations concerns survey/townhall

Statewide Negotiations Update:

Colleagues, the statewide negotiations team has asked for membership to provide your top 3 concerns that you would like to see addressed in the next contract outside of the following concerns and issues that are already a priority

  1. Across the board raises
  2. General maintenance of health benefits
  3. General support for a telecommuting policy that is more flexible/applicable across the membership

Here is a form for you to input your top 3 concerns you would like addressed outside of the above no later than 12/31/21

Please fill out the negotiations survey if you have not already done so.

One last way you can share your perspective and concerns:
In December, the contract negotiations team will hold specific town hall sessions for specific groups of members to give them a chance to share their issues

Below are the links for each membership group:

December 3: noon-1:30 pm

December 8: noon-1:30 pm
December 9: 6:30-8:00 pm

December 10: noon-1:30 pm