Negotiations Bulletin for February 2023

The UUP Negotiations Team is hard at work, pushing against significant resistance by the State to three of our biggest demands: increased compensation, telecommuting, and better job security for our contingent members. We will be kicking off a campaign in April (details to come) to bring our members together here at New Paltz to add leverage to our demands at the statewide table. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, you can find the most recent Negotiations Bulletin here!

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UUP New Paltz Chapter Elections

It’s time for our UUP Chapter Elections again!

Ballots will be going out in the mail to all UUP members next week. If you don’t receive a ballot at your home address by March 25, get in touch with our Chapter Assistant Mary Thompson ( or x2770), to find out how to get a  replacement. 

You will have until April 21 to return them to UUP headquarters — please be sure to follow the directions to ensure that your vote will count! Participating in the chapter elections is an important measure of how engaged our members are—do your small part and make your voice heard. VOTE!!

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New Paltz DSI/Compression 2022 Distribution Report

On the December 21, some 478 of our bargaining unit members received an increase to their base salary, along with a retroactive payment of that increase to either July 1 (calendar year employees), August 22 (for adjuncts) or September 1 (academic year employees). These increases came from two provisions in our statewide Agreement: Discretionary Salary Increases (DSI), with which most of you are already familiar, and Equity/Compression money, which has been a new component since 2019 in our statewide Agreement.

The pool of money available for each type of increase is stipulated at .5% of the total UUP salary pool. The actual amounts distributed in the 2022 round were $238,837 for DSI, and $242,625 for Equity/Compression.

  • 414 members received DSI, in amounts ranging from $100 to $1,400.
  • 188 members received Equity/Compression adjustments, ranging from $3 to $4,495.

The new Equity/Compression amounts were calculated based on salary data, length of service, comparative salaries by rank/discipline, and other factors. The formula for this analysis was worked out cooperatively at the statewide level by SUNY Central and UUP over the past four years, starting with some valuable pre-existing models that had been developed at other campuses (such as Cortland), and adjusted each year it has been applied, based on member feedback and UUP statewide analysis. Campuses were permitted to apply only a few very tightly defined voluntary parameters in distributing this money; our New Paltz Administration elected to set a threshold of $2,500 (individuals had to be identified as >$2,500 compressed), and those individuals received 23.51% of the total compression identified for them.

Click on this link to see the complete roster of New Paltz members with their DSI and/or equity/compression in the 2022 distribution.

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