PROFESSIONALS: How can Professionals fight workload creep?

Given the current atmosphere on campus, it’s extremely important that professionals understand your rights with regard to the terms and conditions of our contract.  Professionals are being delegated duties initially assigned to their supervisor.  Compensation for additional duties should be discussed and agreed upon prior to taking on these additional duties.

  1. Understand the basic principles that apply to your professional obligation.
  2. Take advantage of discussing job duties with your supervisor as your Performance Program is being developed
  3. Make sure you have a current Performance Program that accurately reflects your professional obligation
  4. Consult with the chapter leadership if you have questions
  5. Document workload increases
    1. Begin to keep a log of work done in area areas that are subject to workload creep
    2. Use written correspondence to document that you have taken on additional workload for specific reason/projects – and note that you do not consider it to be part of your professional obligation going forward
    3. Make sure your performance Program is modified to reflect workload increases, identifying extra work as such in relation to previous years
  6. A change in duties and responsibilities may warrant a promotion, salary increase, reduction in duties, extra service pay or compensatory time
  7. Consider requesting a salary increase or promotion whey you feel it is warranted especially if your Performance Program shows an increase in duties and responsibilities
  8. If additional duties are added to your performance Program ask for others to be removed, or ask for a salary increase.
    1. Ask for an end date for temporary duties
    2. Ask for a temporary salary increase if duties are temporarily assigned
  9. Professionals can self nominate for a promotion or salary increase during the months of January and June.  If you are denied a salary increase or promotion you can appeal to denial to the College Review Panel by contacting the Binghamton Chapter Vice-President for Professionals.

Participate in Workload/Performance Program workshops run by our Labor Relations Specialist

Access the L.E.A.D. Program through the UUP web site to learn more about workload and many other topics.

Keep a copy for The Guide for Professionals handy for tips on how to use your Performance Program to help keep workload in check.  Linked here

Contact your chapter leadership: