Help elect our endorsed candidates!!

Important info from the Terry Gipson for State Senate Campaign – help out if you can!!

Information from the Terry Gipson Campaign:

Here’s an updated Virtual Phonebank list for you!

This is a *VERY* close campaign, and your extra time at home or with friends REALLY COUNTS in winning this fight. If you find a few minutes or an hour here or there, please call some voters and tell them why they should vote for Terry!

You’re always welcome in the office too, so please just come on in between 10AM and 7:30PM daily or give us a call! Bring a laptop if you can!

We now have a way for everyone who supports Terry to phonebank for him remotely! You can access it relatively simply by creating a login for yourself using your email address and a password of your choosing.


1) Go to

2) Create an action ID for yourself using your email address if you don’t already have one, and sign in (looks like this:)




3) Enter code 007AF1L-9282 if required.

The list is available to be called from 10AM to 8:30PM daily. For anyone 75 or over, we ask that you not call them after 7:30pm. If you’re calling after then and they come up in your list, please just mark them not home and skip to the next voter.

Attached is the phone script and a list of talking points in case you don’t already have them.

You’ll notice that the electronic list has only the question of support for Terry; if you find someone who you think would be willing to volunteer, or who wants a lawn sign, just let me know their contact info by email or text.

Thank you so much for helping us get Terry back in the senate where he belongs!


Check out more from the Labor Day Parade!

UUP President, Beth Wilson, fixes Mother Jones for the parade

UUP President, Beth Wilson, fixes Mother Jones for the parade

Amy Trompetter, the maker of the Mother Jones puppet, along with NP student Nolan

Amy Trompetter, the maker of the Mother Jones puppet, along with NP student Nolan

The UUP procession

The UUP procession

Mother Jones in the parade

Mother Jones in the parade

Along with the Mother Jones puppet, New Paltz UUP members brought bread and roses signage

Along with the Mother Jones puppet, New Paltz UUP members brought bread and roses signage

"State support for SUNY"

“State support for SUNY”


President’s Note

What does ‘Union’ Mean to YOU??


When we talk about being in a union, it’s more than just a figure of speech. Being ‘in union’ means joining in common purpose with others who have similar concerns. Where UUP is concerned, we are legally defined as the entity responsible for (among other things) bargaining the statewide Agreement for our members, providing representation in grievances, servicing our members through the Benefits Trust Fund, and so on. But being a union is much, much more than just providing these basic (and yes, essential) services.

Union is about understanding the common ground between your day-to-day working life, and the experience of your fellow workers. Our university is a very complex place; reflect for a moment (whatever your job may be) how many other people you are dependent upon to do your job, day-to-day. What would be the number? I think most of us could imagine that number, but realistically you probably need to double or triple it for a more credible estimate. Do you use a computer? How many IT people does it take to keep the many online systems and resources like email and BlackBoard running, or to maintain/update/troubleshoot the classroom and/or office computers that you use?  Have you ever recommended that a student seek assistance for advising, counseling, or disability resources? You can see that the count grows quickly.

The common ground we share, as workers in the university setting, is the desire for fair and equitable working conditions—as the old motto tells us, ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’. It is this commitment to support one another that truly makes the union strong; and a reason why we need as many of our members as possible to take a step (or in some cases a large leap) to get more involved. Working with the union means meeting other members from departments, or with job descriptions that you’ve never really encountered in your usual course of activity on campus. Listening to their concerns means they also listen to you – and out of this process, true solidarity is born.

How can you plug in, you may ask?? Well, there are many ways….


  1. Attend our Chapter meetings and other events whenever you can. We have been scheduling two full chapter meetings each semester—one at lunch hour, the other at the end of the day in the ‘cocktail hour’, in order to maximize the number of members who can attend at least one of them. In addition to the Chapter meetings, there are workshops and other events, at least some of which should be of direct interest to you, whatever your job description!
  2. Volunteer to be a department rep (and when you do, be sure to follow through by sharing important information with your colleagues when asked, and to pass along word of potential issues you know about to the union leadership).
  3. Join a local UUP committee, and help develop the overall program of the Chapter. You have your choice—Women’s Rights and Concerns, Contingent Concerns, the new Chapter Action Project team—just get in touch with me, and I’m sure we can find some way for you to take part!!
  4. Consider running for a delegate position in the upcoming Chapter elections that will take place this Spring. As an elected delegate, you can play a role on our Chapter Executive Committee, and even vote at the statewide Delegate Assembly, which is the ultimate decision-making body for UUP. We will be distributing more information about the election process near the end of the semester—so be on the lookout!


At the end of the day, no single one of us makes this place work—it’s all of us, TOGETHER that does it. I understand that we’re all kept very busy by the daily demands of our professional obligations to the College, but if YOU can carve out just a little time to join with us, and to become more active in the union, you’ll be helping yourself AND your union brothers and sisters.


In union,


Fall Chapter Meetings Annoucement

Join us for our chapter meetings at the Terrace!

WHEN: Monday, October 12, 2016

TIME: 12 pm to 1:30 pm

WHERE: The Terrace

(Lunch will be served)


    WHEN: Thursday, October 20, 2016

TIME: 4:30pm to 6:00pm

WHERE: The Terrace

(Beer/Wine and Hot/Cold hors d’oeuvres will be served)