IDA Award Announcement!




We have recently learned that although the 2009-2016 Agreement between the State and UUP expired on July 2, 2016, funding for all NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committees’ programs is extended through March 31, 2017. This means we will have one final round of IDA grants to make, for activities taking place between those two dates.

Keep your eyes open for more information regarding the application process, deadlines, etc. soon!!

NYC Labor Day Parade!


It’s that time of year again! The Labor Day parade in NYC is the biggest in the country, and this year we’re trying to make the largest possible impact to draw attention to our contract which is currently being negotiated. The state notices your presence and so do we! We’ll be meeting on September 10th at 8:15am at the Route 32 bus stop to go down together. If you haven’t already and you’re available please sign up below!

Labor Day Parade Registration 2016

March 29th 2016: SUNY New Paltz Faculty, Staff, and Students RALLY for SUNY Funding!!!

Check out some pictures from our amazing rally for more SUNY funding. We had a great turn out of faculty, staff and students. Thanks everyone for coming out to show your support and solidarity! Remember, we’re better when we work together!

March 29th Rally 263 March 29th Rally 254 March 29th Rally 218 March 29th Rally 232 March 29th Rally 308 March 29th Rally 189 March 29th Rally 276 March 29th Rally 265 March 29th Rally 297  March 29th Rally 242


Chapter Meeting: March 3rd 2016 at the Terrace

Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 034 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 010 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 013 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 079 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 086 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 046 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 024 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 094 Chapter Meeting March 3rd 2016 096DSC_1045DSC_1049