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UUP Chapter Meeting

Todays Chapter Meeting-March 3rd, 2020


UUP Town Hall on DSI + Equity/Compression Rescheduled

#FUNDSUNYNow Rally 2020

What a great turn out, thank you to all who came out and supported! The fight goes on and remember, we are stronger together!

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Reasons Why We Need To #FUNDSUNYNOW


UUP Executive Committee member Scott Minkoff just had this excellent letter to the editor published in Albany’s Times Union:

2019 DSI + Equity/Compression Report

On December 24, some 580 of our bargaining unit members received an increase to their base salary, along with a retroactive payment of that increase to either July 1 (calendar year employees), August 22 (for adjuncts) or September 1 (academic year employees). These increases came from two provisions in our statewide Agreement: Discretionary Salary Increases (DSI), with which most of you are already familiar, and Equity/Compression money, which is a new component.

The pool of money available for each type of increase is stipulated at .5% of the total UUP salary pool. The actual amounts distributed in the 2019 round were $231,651 for DSI, and $233,244 for Equity/Compression.

  • 472 members received DSI, in amounts ranging from $85 to $1,703.
  • 198 members received Equity/Compression adjustments, ranging     from $48-$2,884.

The new Equity/Compression amounts were calculated based on salary data, length of service, comparative salaries by rank/discipline, and a number of other factors. The formula for this analysis was worked out cooperatively at the statewide level by SUNY Central and UUP over many months, starting with some valuable pre-existing models that had been developed at other campuses (such as Cortland). Campuses were permitted to apply only a few very tightly defined voluntary parameters in distributing this money; our New Paltz Administration elected to set a threshold of $2,500 (individuals had to be identified as >$2,500 compressed), and those individuals received 10.905% of the total compression identified for them.

Click on this link to see the complete roster of New Paltz members who received DSI and/or equity/compression in the 2019 distribution.

DSI-compression 2019



UUP Town Hall on DSI + Equity/Compression

We will be holding an open Town Hall meeting to discuss the new equity/compression process, and get feedback from our members on the results from this first round. We will be joined by statewide UUP President Fred Kowal for this meeting – so please come, if you can!!DSI-compression 2019

The DSI/Equity money is included in the three remaining years of our statewide Agreement; UUP is committed to working with SUNY to adjust the formula applied as necessary in each year. To assist us in that process, UUP has created the attached reporting form, in order to collect data from our members who feel that their compression was incorrectly calculated, or were otherwise overlooked in this new process.

Please fill it out online at or come to our UUP Town Hall on Wednesday, February 12, where we will have forms available for you to complete!

Individual Development Awards – Deadline for application January 31!!

Individual Development Awards – Deadline for application January 31!! 

The application process for the current round Individual Development Awards — a benefit negotiated as part of our statewide Agreement — is open!!  New Paltz has been allocated $27,734 through the statewide Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLMC). Funds are intended to assist eligible employees to develop their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement. Funding may be provided to enhance teaching, research capabilities, professional knowledge and skills. We have set a deadline of January 31, 2020 for receipt of completed applications. 

The activity period for the current academic year runs from July 2, 2019 to July 1, 2020. All projects/proposals must take place within that time frame. The maximum grant for the IDA program is $1,000, although given the number of applications in recent years, most grants have been less than that amount. Part-timers are encouraged to apply, as 15% of the pool of funding available is initially earmarked for them; any funds left unused by part-time employee applications are swept into the remaining pool for full-timers.  

 Our local Joint Labor-Management Committee, which reviews the applications and decides on the funding priorities and amounts awarded, will include: 

For UUP: 

Rachel Rigolino, English 

Maryalice Citera, Psychology 

Kate Bohan, TLC 


For the Administration: 

Anneliese Kniffen, HRDI 

James Burns, Student Accounts 

Devon Duhaney, Teaching and Learning 


For more information, including links to the guidelines and the application itself, click here: (on the page, click ‘professional development’ or scroll down to find the Individual Development Awards). Send your completed applications (all information in a single PDF, please!) to Mary Thompson ( and to Rachel Rigolino ( by the end of the day on Friday, January 31. 


In union, 



Beth E Wilson 


UUP-New Paltz Chapter