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Awards for Long-Time Union Service

Both recipients of these awards were former Chapter Presidents of the New Paltz UUP.

Chapter President Beth Wilson presents Richard Kelder with an award for 25 years of union service.

Chapter President Beth Wilson presents Richard Kelder with an award for 25 years of union service.


Chapter President Beth Wilson commemorates Peter D.G. Brown’s 10 years of union work with a service award.

NYC Labor Day Parade 2015

Strong UUP presence at the 2015 NYC Labor Day Parade!!

Strong UUP presence at the 2015 NYC Labor Day Parade!!

A Message from new Chapter President Beth E. Wilson

As we get started on the new academic year, it is my pleasure to serve as your new UUP Chapter President. Officially, I took over the reins from Peter Brown as of June 1, and with the assistance of our Vice Presidents—Kevin Saunders, Annee Roschelle, and Barbara Heiles—we are hitting the ground running. There is much to do, and we need YOUR input and engagement.

UUP New Paltz Chapter President Beth E. Wilson
UUP New Paltz Chapter President Beth E. Wilson (photo: Morgan Gwenwald)

In addition to my duties as Chapter President, I have started my second term on the statewide Executive Board (having been re-elected at the Delegate Assembly last April); over the summer, I also accepted an invitation from UUP President Fred Kowal to serve on the Negotiations Team for our next statewide Agreement.

I shall strive to do my best to represent all of our members’ interests in all of these endeavors, but I cannot do it alone. I’ll be relying a great deal on the talents and ideas of our newly-elected Executive Committee, which includes a number of new union activists, with fresh ideas and perspectives on how we can all work together for the greater good. We began the academic year with a half-day retreat of the Executive Committee, which was very productive, as we set an ambitious agenda for the Fall semester and beyond.

As we head into negotiations with the State, UUP’s Chief Negotiator, Philippe Abraham will be making visits to all of the campuses that we represent, along with members of the Negotiations Team. His visit to New Paltz will be on Thursday, October 15, at a lunch at the Terrace from 12-2 pm. Save the Date!!

In advance of Philippe’s visit, we are organizing a series of smaller meetings, for various constituencies within our membership—professionals (broken down into groups by the VPs to whom they report); tenured academics; not-yet-tenured academics; part-timers; and full-time non-TT lecturers. These meetings will be facilitated by our Chapter officers and members of the Executive Committee as a safe space to bring your concerns, to build solidarity, and to more effectively organize our issues for presentation at both labor-management meetings and as valuable information for input into the negotiations process.

The dates and locations of these smaller constituency meetings can be found below. We will be providing food and refreshments, in exchange for your experience and ideas!! I do hope that many of you will be able to attend!!


Please RSVP for your meeting to Chapter Assistant Mary Thompson at or x 2770 as soon as possible, so we can order the food and ensure we’re booked in a room that’s big enough!!

Date     Time             Group                                Location
9/10     12-1            Professionals (1)                 SUB 62/63
9/15     3:30-4:30    Tenured academics             CSB 1010
9/16     12:30-1:30   Non-TT lecturers                JFT 1010
9/16     1:30-2:30     Untenured TT academics    JFT 1010
9/17     12-1             Professionals (2)                SUB 418
9/21     12:30-1:30   Part-timers/adjuncts           JFT 1010
9/22     12:30-1:30   Part-timers/adjuncts           JFT 1010
9/24     12-1             Professionals (3)                SUB 62/63

The Professionals are being divided into the following groups, based on which VP they ultimately report to:

Group 1 are members that report to the VP of Enrollment Management and Provost on 9/10. Group 2 are members that report to the VP of Student Affairs on 9/17. Group 3 are members that report to the VP of Administration and Finance and the Presidents office on 9/24.

Chapter Election Bulletin



Election ballots will be mailed out to all UUP members’ home addresses around February 18, 2015. Ballots must be returned to the UUP’s Elections and Credentials Committee in the envelopes supplied with your ballots and received, not postmarked, by March 18. Ballots arriving later will not be counted. Election results will be announced and posted online by March 21. Click here for a sample ballot.
Members will also be able to write in candidates whose names do not appear on the ballot for all chapter officer or delegate positions.
Nominees were invited to submit an optional statement regarding their candidacy, limited to 350 words. The statements below are listed alphabetically within each category in the order that they appear on the official 2015 Chapter Elections Nomination List: CLICK HERE.