New York State Benefits

Work-Life Services - Available to members of UUP and are designed to help with balancing work, home, and life. The programs, listed below, result from a collaboration with NYS and other public employee unions.

NYS-Balance - A confidential resource and referral service that provides consultation by phone or online as well as a website with hundreds of articles, resources, free educational materials, interactive tools , short online courses ,and monthly webinars. Contact your Human Resource Office, EAP Coordinator, or email for the toll-free number and username and password for the NYS-Balance website.

Flex Spending Account - Offers two benefits that allow employees to pay for expenses with pre-tax salary. The Health Care Spending Account is for eligible health care expenses not reimbursed by health insurance or other benefit plans. The Dependent Care Advantage Account is for child, elder, or disabled dependent care expenses necessary to enable you to work. Call 800-358-7202.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - NYS EAP is a free, voluntary, and confidential service that offers help to employees and their family members who are experiencing personal or work related problems. EAP Coordinators are available to meet with employees in person or by phone to provide a confidential assessment and referrals to local resources if needed. To access EAP services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call 1-800-822-0244 or email

NYS-Ride - A pre-tax benefit that allows employees to save money on public transportation expenses used to commute to work. Call 866-428-7781.

Pre-Retirement Planning - Multiple resources available online and at full-day DIRECTIONS seminars held around the state for those in the NYS Pension system. Contact your Human Resources Office for seminar schedules or email

Worksite Child Care Centers - The State hosts numerous not-for-profit child care centers created to serve children of employees and SUNY students. Email