UUP Joint Labor/Management Grants

Individual Development Awards (IDA) Program

Provides funding for UUP members for professional development activities.
Available to ALL UUP represented employees: part-time and full-time, academics and professionals.

This year’s guidelines (for Round 1 and Round 2):
Individual Development Awards (IDA) Program Guidelines (2023-2024)

The application deadline for both Round 1 and Round 2 was Friday Jan. 5, 2024. The next round of applications will be announced and opened up for submission later this year. Stay tuned for updates.

Round 1 (retro round)
IDA projects that happened between April 1, 2023 – July 1, 2023

Round 2 (current year)
IDAs for July 2, 2023 – July 1, 2024

Examples of IDA funded projects and activities include:

  • Registration fees for conferences or workshops.
  • Travel and related expenses (including lodging and meals).
  • Cost associated with publication. (New this year!)
  • Fees for continuing education courses (e.g., CME or CLE courses).
  • Entrance or access fees to institutions or archives that house materials which are related to, and the review or use of which is necessary, to complete the research or artistic endeavor.

Reimbursement happens after the application is approved and the expense has been incurred. Receipts are required.

Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program

If you are interested in applying for a leave for the Fall 2024, Spring 2025, or the Fall 2025 semesters please reach out to Mike Simpson ( simpsome@plattsburgh.edu ) in the campus Sponsored Research office. 

Guidelines and application form available at: 

This program provides funds to enhance employment opportunities by assisting employees to prepare for permanent or continuing appointments. Preference will be given to employees who are underrepresented based on their protected class status including but not limited to age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, military or veteran status, disability, gender expression and gender identity. This program also seeks to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity for specific employees in a department, unit, or program that can demonstrate that they are under-represented in that department, program, or unit.

Certification and Licensure Exam Fee Reimbursement Program (CLEFR) for UUP-Represented Employees

CLEFR for first-time certification or licensure
Maximum reimbursement is $1,200.
Reimbursement requires a passing exam grade.
Guidelines and application for Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024

CLRP for Renewals
Reimbursement is provided for up to $200 for the cost of renewal fees for certification, licensure, or designation renewals that are required for the employee’s position occurring during the period of January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year, starting January 1, 2024.
Guidelines and application for Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024