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Faculty Demand Fair Pay For All

Faculty members at SUNY New Paltz, whose salaries have stagnated for years, are determined to take action. Thus far, the departments of Anthropology, Art History, Educational Studies, Elementary Education, Library, Sociology, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies have unanimously passed a Resolution for Fair Pay, and more are expected to follow suit in the coming days.

The resolution calls for the College to award raises to those who had previously been recommended for discretionary salary increases (DSI) in 2011 and 2012. The measure also supports a higher starting salary for adjuncts, over 200 part-time lecturers who teach a substantial number of introductory and specialized courses at the College.

According to UUP chapter President Peter D.G. Brown, pay for adjuncts has plummeted by 49% since the 1970s, when adjusted for inflation. At its Delegate Assembly earlier this month, United University Professions (UUP) overwhelmingly supported a $5K Campaign to pay adjuncts a minimum starting salary of $5,000 per three-credit course.

“This is an intolerable situation,” Brown said. “Faculty morale has never been lower in the 42 years that I have been at the College. People are very demoralized, angry and frustrated. Many younger faculty members are actively looking for jobs elsewhere, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire good faculty to come and work under these depressing conditions.”

Because the state’s previous contract with the union (UUP) expired in July 2011 and a new one was not in place until July 2013, employees were not paid any DSI during that period. The Resolution for Fair Pay also calls for adjusting the workload of 75 full-time lecturers, whose teaching load is higher at New Paltz than at any of the other comparable colleges in SUNY.

Employees saw their paychecks shrink even further this fall with the imposition of unpaid furlough days and higher mandated premiums for health insurance. According to Brown, “While ignoring the deplorable situation of its current employees, this administration evidently has plenty of money to hire new faculty and lavishly reward former administrators. This is truly an intolerable situation!”Resolution, Elem Ed, 10-13

Departments that have passed this Resolution for Fair Pay at SUNY New Paltz:

Anthropology, Art History, Educational Studies, Elementary Education, Library, Sociology, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

This Resolution has also been endorsed by the Student Senate of the Student Association of SUNY New Paltz.

Dispute on SUNY Pay Raises More Questions



September 24, 2013

There’s a conversation on the SUNY New Paltz campus where two sides never manage to meet in the middle.

One side regularly brings up the salary of adjunct faculty, noting that the college relies heavily on these people to carry a significant part of the course load for modest payments and no benefits. The latest attempt to extend this conversation concerned the six-figure salary of an administrator going away on a sabbatical, a generous payment by any standard and especially when contrasted with the money paid to adjunct faculty.

The other participant in this dialogue, the administration, dismissed the complaints and maintained that the two are “completely unrelated.” The sabbatical and the salary for the executive constitute “a testimony to his character and leadership.” He is “the kind of talented administrator you want around the university system.”

Now that’s something we can work with.

If talent, character and leadership are attributes that deserve bountiful compensation, as the administration maintains, then they should be considerations when it comes to paying adjunct faculty as well. That’s something that people beyond the campus, especially the students who apply and the parents who pay the bills, might want to think about.

The college has money to spend on people that it deems worthy….


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$316,000 Pay to Administrator for Study Leave Riles SUNY Union

David Lavallee, SUNY Provost Emeritus Photo by Morgan Gwenwald

David Lavallee, SUNY Provost Emeritus
Photo by Morgan Gwenwald

Times Herald-Record

September 18, 2013

NEW PALTZ — Rebuffed at the negotiating table over increased pay levels for SUNY adjuncts, a SUNY professors union official is questioning how SUNY can pay an administrator $316,000 a year to take a study leave.

United University Professions (UUP) New Paltz Chapter President Peter D.G. Brown said SUNY cries poverty when it comes to paying adjuncts more than $3,000 per course. At the same time, it approved a plan for retiring SUNY executive David Lavallee to collect his current annual $316,000 salary while he goes on a six-month study leave.

Brown said on Monday that despite repeated Freedom of Information Law requests, SUNY has not provided a single document describing the nature or purpose of this study leave.

“He appears to have been put in a category all by himself,” Brown said.

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Higher Education Panel: Challenges Facing Students, Labor, and the Public Education System

This NYPIRG-hosted event focuses on the close interaction between student and labor needs in the public education system.

The panel will examine some of the most pressing issues facing students, explore the connection between labor and education, and empower students to take action. With its dynamic student and faculty panel, featuring Brian Obach, Chair of the Sociology Department, and Peter D.G. Brown, UUP Chapter President, the discussion will raise awareness of the close interaction between student and labor needs, enabling students to assume greater responsibility for their quality higher education.