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SUNY OptometryCollege of Optometry Chapter

33 West 42nd Street

New York, NY 10019

Chapter Office C-124(BM1)

Chapter Assistant:Austin Marolla


E-mail: optometry@uupmail.org


Proudly serving the needs of the members.


Chapter Officers

John J. Piccarelli, President and Membership Officer, (212)780- 5164(Campus) E-mail:jpicarelli@sunyopt.edu

Jerry Rapp, Vice President for Academics, (212)780-5170(Campus)

Matthew Platarote, Vice President for Professionals, (212)780-5001(Campus) E-mail: mplatarote@sunyopt.edu

Hedy Hankins, Sectretary/Treasurer, (212)780-5011(Campus)

Vito Cavallero, Grievance Chair , (212)780-5100(Campus)

Israel Greenwald, Part-time Concerns Representative, (212)780-4970E-mail:grandpa@juno.com

Chapter Academic Delegates

John J. Picarelli

Jerry Rapp

Israel Greenwald

Chapter Professional Delegates

Matthew H. Platarote

Robert J. Kasprak






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