UUP-New Paltz resolution: Commitment to Antiracism

The following resolution was pass unanimously in an email vote of the UUP-New Paltz Executive Committee on June 18, 2020:

UUP New Paltz Chapter Resolution on Commitment to Antiracism

Whereas COVID 19 has revealed the deep racial inequities in American society

Whereas the shooting of unarmed Black, Latinx and Native peoples by law enforcement officers has fractured trust in community to protect the disenfranchised and the vulnerable

Whereas the economic policies of succeeding governments have disproportionately affected communities of color adversely

Whereas our role as educators and helping professionals requires us to ethically respond to the situation

BE IT RESOLVED that the UUP New Paltz Chapter commits to the work of making SUNY New Paltz an antiracist institution,

AND BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that toward that end, we are establishing a subcommittee of members to develop a program of concrete steps  in response to the grave injustices experienced by some members of our college community and beyond,  to be presented to the administration as recommendations for action.

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