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Looking to get involved?  Join a UUP committee at SUNY New Paltz!  Scroll down to see quick descriptions of what our committees get involved in.

Communications Committee Meeting: L-R: Abigail Robin (English), Marcia Tucci (Academic Advising) & Susan Lehrer (Sociology; Women’s Studies)

Affirmative Action Committee: Monitors campus Affirmative Action programs and policies, as well as recommends actions to maintain a vibrant and diverse workforce.

Communications Committee: Responsible for internal and external communications media, such as The Bullhorn, the website, social media, bulletin boards, blog, listserv, posters and news releases.

Community Outreach/Coalition Building: Connects and cooperates with various campus, student and community organizations, as well as with other unions on and off campus.

Contingent Concerns Committee: Advocates for the interests of both professional and academic part-time and full-time contingent employees. It also meets with management several times a semester to discuss part-time issues.

Legislation/Political Action: Focuses on political action, informing legislators of Chapter and UUP needs, organizing visits to politicians, as well as educating our members about their voting records.

Membership Development Committee: Works on membership development and activation through academic and social events, professional development workshops and a mentoring program.

New Priorities Committee:

Website Development Team: Maintains the UUP New Paltz Chapter website.  Utilize design and/or technical skills to reach our union via the web.

Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee: Works to improve the employment opportunities, health, safety and overall welfare of academic and professional women members of the New Paltz Chapter.

Being on a UUP committee is a vital service to the Chapter and to the College. Committees are open to all academic and professional members of UUP, whether full-time, part-time or retired. It is a great way to get involved, to improve our College community, to strengthen our union and to meet colleagues from other departments. For more information or to volunteer for any of the above committees, please act now to contact any member of the Executive Committee, listed on the front page of The Bullhorn. You can also contact our Chapter Assistant, Mary Thompson, by phone at extension 2770 or via e-mail at

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