Forum on Contingent Faculty at SUNY New Paltz: Where Are We Now? Transcription and Audio Recording

Forum poster, 10-30-13














Forum on Contingent Faculty at SUNY New Paltz: Where Are We Now? Edited transcript of October 2013 event published July 2014 by UUP.



The Forum is segmented into three audio files, each running about an hour.

Part 1

Beth Wilson, Lecturer, Art History

Suzanne Kelly, Lecturer, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

William Ma, Adjunct, Electrical  & Computer Engineering

Douglas Maynard, Professor, Psychology

Andrea Noel, Chair, Elementary Education

William Capowski, NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist

Part 2

Gowri Parameswaran, Chair, Educational Studies

Donna Flayhan, Assoc. Prof., Communication & Media

Yvonne Aspengren, Adjunct, Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Vincent Martucci, Lecturer, Music

Robert Miller, Lecturer, Communication & Media

Rachel Rigolino, Lecturer, English

Clinton Bennett, Adjunct, Philosophy

Stephanie Nystrom, Adjunct, Anthropology

Part 3

Rosemary Millham, Director, Master Teaching Program, Secondary Education

Dennis Doherty, Lecturer, English

Steven Pampinella, Lecturer, Sociology

Victor deMunck, Professor, Anthropology

Lucy Barbera, Educational Studies

Glenn Geher, Chair, Psychology

Monazir Khan, Graduate Student Employees Union, Binghamton

James Dearce, Adjunct, Sociology

Daniel Brenner ’13, Student

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