Are you a member?

Within the State University of New York, United University Professions is the bargaining agent for academic and professional staff. By legislative action, UUP has “agency fee,” meaning that all individuals who are classified as being members of the “Professional Services Negotiating Unit” pay a fee to the union if they are not actually members. The fee is equal to the dues charged UUP members, because Fee Payers receive many services from the union even though they are not members. Nonetheless, unless one signs and returns a membership application form to UUP Central, one can not vote in UUP elections, run for office within UUP or participate fully in UUP policy making. In short, if you don’t sign the card, you are not a member of UUP.

Not surprisingly, most academics and professionals join the union to gain their full rights within UUP, and they make contributions to the work of the union whenever they are able to do so. At various stages in their careers, members typically take some active role in the union, as members of Chapter committees, as candidates for Chapter elections, and as Departmental Representatives for UUP. There are various roles individuals might assume, such as editing the UUP Newsletter, traveling to Albany to advocate the Assembly and Senate on behalf of SUNY and UUP, and joining in telephone drives to contact local business leaders, retirees, or parents. As a member-driven union, UUP needs and wants all of our members to participate in ways that they are able and can afford. So, join us, and let’s work together.

You can obtain a membership application by contacting the Chapter Office, Lecture Center 6a and speaking with Chapter Assistant, Mary Thompson. You may also download the Membership Application (in PDF Format). The form may be completed, SIGNED, and mailed to UUP, PO Box 15143, Albany, NY 12212-5143.

Welcome, Member. 

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