2021-22 Individual Development Awards

The application process for the current round Individual Development Awards — a benefit negotiated as part of our statewide Agreement — is now open!!  New Paltz has been allocated $53,800 through the statewide Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLMC).  The pool of money is larger than usual this time, due to the number of activities curtailed by the pandemic which resulted in unused money from previous rounds being rolled forward. For this reason, the maximum grant for the IDA program for this cycle has been increased to $2,000, although given the number of applications in recent years, most grants have been less than that amount. Members may also now submit up to two (2) applications for the current activity period (and can be awarded up to a maximum of $2,000 in total). If you are proposing two projects, please submit them separately, via two responses to the IDA submission link.​

For more information, click here for the IDA program guidelines: 

Individual Development Awards Program Guidelines. For the application you will need to submit click here: 2022 IDA Application 

Submit your application and required materials here: IDA Submission. Complete the requested information and include: the application, a brief project description, a brief CV, and supporting documents (such as a conference acceptance letter, brochure, or announcement). Please consult the attached PDF for additional information regarding IDA-reimbursable expenses for guidance preparing your application.

Funds are intended to assist eligible employees to develop their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement. Funding may be provided to enhance teaching, research capabilities, professional knowledge and skills. We have set a deadline of March 4, 2022 for receipt of completed applications. 

The activity period for the current academic year runs from July 2, 2021 to July 1, 2022. All projects/proposals must take place within that time frame. Part-timers are encouraged to apply, as 15% of the pool of funding available is initially earmarked for them; any funds left unused by part-time employee applications are swept into the remaining pool for full-timers.  

Our local Joint Labor-Management Committee, which reviews the applications and decides on the funding priorities and amounts awarded, will include: 

For UUP: 

Maryalice Citera, Psychology  

Rachel Rigolino, English 

Helen Brocker, Academic Advising 

For the Administration: 

Anneliese Kniffen, HRDI 

James Burns, Student Accounts 

Devon Duhaney, Teaching and Learning 

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