Professional Issues Committee


The Professional Issues Committee meets at least once a month during the academic calendar year and is officiated by the Vice President for Professionals or their designee. Any UUP member can attend, but the focus of conversation is about the Professional member. It is a networking opportunity for a Professional member to meet other Professionals, and a civil place to voice concerns and ideas.

The committee’s meeting minutes are posted on the chapter web page for Professionals to keep current on what is going on. Examples of past meeting discussions include: how does comp time hours work, how to request a pay raise or promotion, working out-of-title work due to resource shortages, and  understanding the contract. The goal of the meeting is for Professionals to depart the meeting knowing they were heard by their peers and respected while discussing any topic. The VP presiding over the meetings pursues solutions and gains knowledge across a diverse skill-set of professionals on campus.

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