Executive Committee

President and Academic Delegate:
Beth E. Wilson
Lecturer, Art History

Phone: x3896

Email: Wilsonb@newpaltz.edu

Office: SAB 106D

UUP New Paltz Chapter President Beth E. Wilson

UUP New Paltz Chapter President Beth E. Wilson


Vice-President for Academics and Academic Delegate:
Anne R. Roschelle
Lecturer, Sociology

Phone: x3502

Email: roschela@newpaltz.edu

Office: JFT 522








Vice-President for Professionals and Professional Delegate:
Kevin Saunders
IT/Computer Services

Phone: x3893

Email: saunderk@newpaltz.edu

Office: LC 8B

Officer for Contingents and Academic Delegate: Open



Grievance Officer and Academic Delegate:
Peter D.G. Brown
Distinguished Service Professor of German Emeritus

Phone: x

Email: brownp@newpaltz.edu








Treasurer and Academic Delegate:
Douglas Koop
Engineering, Physics and Astronomy

Email: koopd@zmail.newpaltz.edu

Office: SCB 126

Secretary: Open



Chapter Assistant:
Mary Thompson

Phone: x2770

Email: thompsom@newpaltz.edu

Office: LC 6A

Mary Thompson







NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist:
William Capowski
Email: wcapowsk@nysutmail.org

Bill Capowski







Academic Delegates:

  • Peter D.G. Brown – brownp@newpaltz.edu
  • Glenn McNitt– mcnittfg@newpaltz.edu
  • Alexandra L Cox– coxa@newpaltz.edu
  • Spencer Salend–  salends@newpaltz.edu
  • Anne R. Roshelle – roschela@newpaltz.edu
  • Susan Puretz– puretzs@newpaltz.edu
  • Kiersten A. Greene – greenek@newpaltz.edu
  • Carol S. Rietsma – rietsmac@newpaltz.edu
  • Abigail Robin – robina@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu
  • Barbara Heiles – heilesb@newpaltz.edu
  • Douglas A. Koop – koopd@newpaltz.edu
  • Maryann Fallek – fallekma@newpaltz.edu
  • Karl Bryant –  bryantk@newpaltz.edu

Professional Delegates:

  • Donna Goodman– goodmand@newpaltz.edu
  • Kevin Saunders–  saunderk@newpaltz.edu
  • Michael Malloy–  malloym@newpaltz.edu
  • Wayne Lempka– lempkaw@newpaltz.edu
  • Amanda Merritt – merritta@newpaltz.edu
  • Edward T. Felton – feltone@newpaltz.edu
  • Christian J. Speedling – speedlic@newpaltz.edu

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