Petition for Educational Quality, Fairness & Equity



UUP Calls for Fair Employment on the New Paltz Campus UUP works for fair and reasonable employment for all members. During Campus Equity Week, October 24-28, we call particular attention to the working conditions of our contingent members.

Contingent employees constitute nearly half of all who teach on this campus. Yet their professional status, role and working conditions continue to be unfair and unreasonable. The Executive Committee of the UUP New Paltz Chapter asks that you join our on-going struggle to provide justice in the workplace for these and all employees. Costs to attend college continue to escalate but less and less of this money is used to compensate those contingent employees who bear a significant responsibility for providing a quality educational experience to our  students.

New Paltz relies heavily on adjunct faculty who are temporary with short-term contracts. Adjuncts are paid less for the same work performed by those with tenure or permanent contracts. For them there is no job security. Contingent employees can lose their jobs without cause and can have their courses cancelled without reasonable notice. Many work for poverty-level wages, without workspaces or adequate support and with reduced benefits. They have little or no voice in the decision-making process; participation in department business and faculty governance is restricted.

These and other inequities continue to worsen every year. Moreover, as injustices for contingents escalate, many others—especially administrators—working on our campus are enjoying increased salaries and improved benefits. Something definitely is wrong with that picture.
We cannot and should not stand by and do nothing as hundreds of our colleagues are treated with prejudice, disrespect and discrimination. Such treatment reduces the quality of education and the sense of community on this campus. Silence is not an option. Please join us in demanding equity for all employees on SUNY New Paltz Campus.


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