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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder you work the more luck you have."

-Thomas Jefferson

Teacher Ed Action Needed


Our programs and students are under attack. Please share the information posted on UUP's web page with your colleagues and students. The next two weeks are CRITICAL. Visit http://uupinfo.org/committees/teached/taskforce.php

The web page includes the following:

  • Take Action link to fax letters to Legislators
  • Resource page with talking points, Legislator/Regents contact information, etc.
  • Union report on the state's edTPA Task Force, with recommendations
  • A list of community forums/rallies scheduled around the state to "SAVE PUBLIC EDUCATION"
  • Fact Sheet on the Governor's budget proposals for teacher education policy changes


Spring Workshop Information

*Monday, February 23, 2015: Governor's Assault on Public Higher Ed

Join UUP Statewide VP for Academics, Jamie Dangler as she speaks on how Gov. Andrew Cumo's proposed budget continues the trend of disinvestment in public higher education. From inadequate funding for SUNY campuses to cuts to SUNY's successful Educational Opportunity Program to perfromance-based fuding that will benefit some campuses at the expense of other to the privatization of SUNY's hospitals, the governor's plans for higher ed ar dire indeed.

Click Here for Workshop Material

Noon-1:30pm, Seymour 119--RSVP by Friday, February 20th.

*Tuesday, Feburary 24, 2015: Professional Workshop--Evaulations & Performance Programs, Noon-1pm, Seymour 119---RSVP by Tuesday, February 17th.

Click Here for Workshop Material

*Thursday, March 5, 2015: Supervisors of Professional Employees: Best Practices. This workshop would address issues such as : professional obligation, performance programs, evaluations, permanent appointment, and employee communication. Noon-1:30pm, Seymour 119--RSVP by Thursday, Feburary 26th.


To RSVP for a workshop please email bprofitr@brockport.edu by deadline date.

UUP 2015 Scholarship Information

UUP grants both an undergraduate and graduate scholarship each year.  Applicants need a near 4.0 GPA and to have demonstrated union values, i.e. working with less privileged populations, volunteer work in the community, family history of unionism, etc.   The deadline for completed applications is March 2, 2015.  Faculty are encouraged to direct qualified applicants to the union website-- uupinfo.org.  At the very bottom of the home page, click on "scholarships" for the application.  If you have questions about these scholarships please contact  Herb Fink,  hfink@brockport.edu.




Introducing ECHO: UUP's Online Magazine


You’ve read The Voice.

Now here’s The Echo.

The Echo is the union’s new online membership magazine. Think of it as a web companion to The Voice, with stories for and about members—stories that we can’t fit into the print edition of The Voice.

Budget constraints have forced us to cut back on the number of issues of The Voice. So we created The Echo, which allows us to continue bringing you full coverage of what’s going on in your union and how your union is working for you.

You can read The Echo by clicking on this link: http://uupinfo.org/flipbook/Nov2014/index.html. It’s also accessible on the UUP website at www.uupinfo.org. The link is in a blue box at the top of the page. You can’t miss it.

In this issue, you’ll read about UUP’s participation in the People’s Climate March in New York City, the largest climate change demonstration in history.

You’ll also read about how UUP’s leaders and members have been working to get the vote out for NYSUT-endorsed candidates in the upcoming election. There’s also coverage of UUP’s 2014 Fall Delegate Assembly, and news about a new Community Involvement Survey available on the UUP website.

And don’t forget to click on the video message from UUP President Fred Kowal. You’ll find it on page 2.

So please flip through our digital pages and share this document widely with members on your campus. Please let them know that The Voice now has an Echo.

We hope you like what you see.

Contract: Available Online

The Agreement Between United University Professions and the State of New York: July 2, 2011-July 1, 2016 is available online.

To view the contract online, or download, please click here.



Are you a Memeber?

United University Professions (UUP) is the union representing more than 35,000 academic and professional faculty on 29 State University of New York campuses, plus System Administration and Empire State College. UUP is affiliated with New York State United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

You are not officially a UUP member until you fill out a membership application. Becoming a memeber does not cost you any more than you are paying now.

To see if you are a member simply check you pay stub and see if it reads Fee Payer or Member!

If you are not a member and would like to become one, click here to find the membership form.


UUP Job Board

We are pleased to announce a new feature available on the UUP Web site http://uupinfo.org. It's called the "UUP Job Board" and is accessible from the NavBar at the top of the page under "Links." The direct link is: http://www.uuphost.org/sunyjobs/choice.php. The "UUP Job Board" is a result of negotiations with SUNY on how they transmit to UUP statewide postings about position openings.


What is Workplace Stress?
Stress is a part of everyday life; we all experience it to one degree or another. Although it is an unavoidable part of many activities at work and at home, stress becomes harmful when it reaches an intensity that impairs daily activities.

Click here for a Stress at Work Quiz and for important information regarding risk factors, warning signs and what the Union can do about Job Stress

What is UUP?
United University Professions (UUP) is the union representing more that 35,000 academic and professional faculty on 29 State University of New York campuses, plus System Administration, Empire State College, and the New York State Theatre Institute. UUP is affiliated with New York State United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

With some 526 job titles included in the bargaining unit, UUP reflects the diversity of the State University. Members include:
Academic Faculty
Student Affairs Personnel
Public Relations Personnel
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Other Professionals at Teaching Hospitals and Health Science Centers
Graphic Artists
Student Recruitment Professionals
Instructors in the Educational Opportunity Centers
Financial Aid Counselors
System Administration Staff
Performing Artists in the New York State Theatre Institute
Student Resident Hall Personnel
Admissions Counselors

UUP represents SUNY faculty and other professionals at the bargaining table and works to protect their interests by:
- Achieving improvements in salary, fringe benefits, working conditions and retirement programs.
- Providing funding for professional growth and development through leaves, awards, conferences and other grant programs.
- Obtaining state resources for the State University through effective legislative and political action.
- Seeking to enhance and preserve the quality of the University.

As the largest higher education union in the nation, UUP is also a source for information on labor unions, state work force and bargaining issues, higher education reform, college faculty concerns and a variety of higher education topics.

UUP: Promoting Excellence in Public Higher Education

From competitive salaries and health benefits to job security, opportunities for advancement and retirement, UUP is here for you. There's strength in numbers and we're more than 35,000 members strong on SUNY's 29 state-operated campuses.

UUP is a unified voice, protecting members rights at the bargaining table and on the job, speaking on behalf of public higher education statewide, nationally and internationally. UUP is the voice of SUNY's academics and professional employees to the SUNY Board of Trustees, SUNY System Administration, the state's elected officials and the public.

UUP is the only organization designated to negotiate a contract with New York state on behalf of SUNY's academic and professional employees. The contract allows UUP to protect your fundamental rights by setting terms and conditions of your employment. Click here to view the contract.

UUP PROVIDES benefits to all bargaining unit members, including a range of attractive programs sponsored by our affiliates, New York State United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers. Benefits include:

  • Dental and vision plan coverage* (Part-time members not eligible for NYSHIP can purchase these benefits at the group rate)
  • Scholarship program*
  • Free group life insurance
  • Free tuition on a "space available" basis
  • Discount products and services from: Apple; AT&T; Bally's Total Fitness; BJ'S Wholesale Club; Aflac; HP Academy; Enterprise Rent-a-Car; Goodyear; Liberty Mutual; Marabito Fuel; New Jersey Nets; OfficeMax; Sprint; Verizon Wireless; and SUNY PERKS.

*Employee must be eligible for enrollment in the NYS Health Insurance Program.

MEMBERSHIP IN UUP entitles you to:

  • Vote on the collective bargaining agreement;
  • Attend union meetings;
  • Hold union office;
  • Elect union leaders on your campus and at the state and national levels;
  • Upon separation of service, obtain Associate Membership with NYSUT and be eligible for benefit programs; and
  • Maintain membership after retirement and be eligible for benefit programs.

Mark Your Calendar...


4 Executive Committee Meeting, 4:30pm, Seymour 220

9 Part Time Labor Managment Meeting, 11:00, Allen

11 Labor Managment Meeting, Noon, Seymour 228

11 Professional Issues Committee, Noon, Seymour 222

14-22 Spring Break


1 Executive Committee Meeting, 4:30pm, Seymour 220

13 Part Time Labor Managment Meeting, 11:00, Allen

17-18 Spring DA, Saratoga Hilton

22 Labor Managment Meeting, Noon, Seymour 228


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